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Super Hydration Shampoo - For Matted / Dry / Long & Short coat

Best Dog Shampoo for Dry, Very easily matted Coat, Best Dog Shampoo for dry coat and dry skin. To Maintain the Coat in the best condition.
Specially formulated to provide "The greatest level of Hydration" for your dog's coat and skin with Coconut oil. This shampoo helps skin from becoming too dry, therefore is suitable for dogs with very short coat, or hairless dog. It may help dry and flaky skin, also may help calming down too bulky wooly coat, as well as hydrating long brittle dry coat.
Best Dog shampoo for Yorkshire Terrier, Matting Afghan Hound, Poodle mix like Cavapoo.


1) Short Coat Breed and No Hair Breed:
Best dog shampoo for shine Pug, French Bull Dog, Dark and short hair such as German Pinscher, Rottweiler to give extra hydration to the coat and skin, and it will give shine to the coat. When your dog has dandruff, please do 2nd or 3rd wash, to get rid of the dead skin on the surface, then it will moisturise the skin and for the shiny coat afterwards.


2) Long Coat Breed:
Best Dog Shampoo for Coat changing Afghan Houd, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Chinese Crested, Rhasa Apsho, Tibetan Terrier etc. It will make the coat soft and manageable. Good to use together with MD10 Silky Conditioner, or MD10 Super Hydrating Conditioner (softer finish).


3) Easily Matted Coat, Maintainance, and Poodle Mix Breed: 
Best Dog Shampoo for matted coat, best for Cavapoo, Cockerpoo, Labradoodles, Cavashion, when they have Poodle and longer coat mix dog, the coat can be matted very easily. MD10 Shampoo Super Hydration gives enough hydration to the coat, and make their delicate and difflcult coat manageable. Recommended to continuous use for the better results. Coat get maintained to the best, thus easier to groom.
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