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MD10 White Texture ShampooSpanish Water Dog, Poodle, Bichon,Bolognese,Shiba,Lagotto,Samoyed,Westy

Our Price: £13.95

MD10 White Texture Shampoo is for all WHITE / BLACK dog, Two colour, Mixed colour dogs with textured / volume coat. It restores original shape / curl from the roots and gives original volume. Suitable for coat which needs volume, very good shampoo for restoring curly coat.  

Blue colour element in this Shampoo DOES NOT STAIN the coat. Instead, this element reflects the light. Therefore, it works well with Black & White dog, Dark colour dog, giving maximum contrast. If your Dog is Solid Black, then now you have a choice of Brand New MD10 Black Texture Shampoo.

Best Dog Shampoo for Samoyed - White Texture Volume Shampoo Best Dog Shampoo for Bolognese White Volume Coat Dog

Photo on left courtesy of  Amy Kiell-Green, right courtesy of Virginia Anne Dowty. Both are TOP breeders currently.

Best Shampoo for  White & Black Poodle, Bichon Frise, Bolognese, Japanese Spitz, Keeshond, West Highland Terrier (Westy), Bedlington Terrier (head and legs), Samoyed, Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog, Spanish Water Dog, Curly Coat Retriever, Portugheese Water Dog, and many more. 

If you need coarseness, just mix with MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo.

Depending the dog's coat, for getting maximum volume and holding power to the coat, we recommend to use with Conditioner Volume.

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