MD10 Horse SUPER HYDRATION Shampoo - 750ml (3 Litre diluted)

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750ml (3 Llitre diluted) MD10 Horse Shampoo - SUPER HYDRATION SHAMPOO with Biotin
As MD10 Super Hydration Shampoo gives maximum Hydration to the Coat and Skin, it helps dry skin, and helps and revive shine to the coat, as well as helping giving natural colour back to the coat.

One of the customer Caroline says;

"I bathed my horse Guin today using MD10 shampoo for horses and I am very impressed! I find it difficult to get her fetlock hair and mane/tail white and this certainly did the job! It was easy to use and there was plenty of it in the bottle (100ml, diluted 400ml) for my 16.3hh horse. She smells lovely and looks extremely white, which is rare for her! I would definitely recommend it to others and will be using it again."

The Mane came out so white, Caroline was impressed. This is NOT whitening shampoo.
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