MD10 Conditioner Silky Smooth 300ml (Approx 10 Litre Diluted) Ragdoll Maine cooon, Somali, Siamese,

Our Price: £24.95

MD10 Conditioner Silky Smooth is for use in combination with our shampoo for ultimate "Silky smooth" results and gives shine on the coat, also helps to stop static.

Best cat conditioner for: American Curl, British Short hair, American Short hair, Siamese, Somali, Chinchilla, Norwegian Frorest, Domestic cat, Turkey Angora, Ragdoll, Maine Coon

Highly Concentrated: 30g per One (1) Litre of water. This bottle makes approx 10 Litre.

This is Leave-In Conditioner, which means you DON'T need to rinse. It makes bathing time quicker and easier. Also, diluted conditioner can be used as "Grooming Spray".

Please make sure that the conditioner should not used thicker than directed. Otherwise, you will get unwanted effect such as too wet feel and look. If it is too thin, does not give enough effect too.

Best Cat Conditioner for Silky Coat, Ragdoll,

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