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MD10 ANTI RED/YELLOW STAIN SHAMPOO 300ml - Urine, Water Stain around Mouth

Our Price: £12.95

MD10 Anti Red/Yellow Stain Shampoo is Specially formulated for illuminating Red/Yellow Stain from White Coat. It works on Urine Stain, Around Mouth Water Stain, Elbow Stain. 
Application: You have to leave the shampoo on the coat 5 minutes, then rinse very well. Repeat everytime you shampoo your dog. It can be used often as every 2 days.

You can choose between MD10 Anti Red / Yellow Shampoo or Capturine Anti Red / Yellow stain Shampoo depending on the Coat Texture and breed.

MD10 Anti Red / Yellow Stain Shampoo works well with;

URINE STAIN, Water Stain of SWD, Bearded Collie, Elbow stain

For Old English Sheep Dog, Barneys Mountain Dog's Saliver Stain, Choose "Capturine Anti Red Shampoo"

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