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Groomers Trial Pack - 4 x 100ml (400ml when diluted) shampooos and 2 conditioners (1,000ml when diluted)

Our Price: £20.00
Sorry, this item is out of stock - will be in shortly - please give us a call if you need them urgently on 07715749450. You can also purchase from www.bigdogworld.co.uk
Best Dog Shampoos
Choose 4 type of shampoo of your choice from the list blow - each shampoo is approx 100ml shampoo (400ml diluted)
1. Super Hydration
2. Yorkshire Terrier
3. Silky Smooth 
4. White Silky Smooth
5 Texture Volume
6. White Texiture Volume
7. Texture Collagen
8. Herbal Texture
9. Puppy

They will come with 2 type conditioner to make 1,000ml when diluted.
1. Super Hydration Conditioner 25g
2. Silky Smooth Conditioner 30g 
3. Texture Volume Conditioner 30g
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