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DIFERION Eye Drops for animals

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Micromed Eye Drop for  Red Tear Stain

Eye Care

• antibacterial eye drops containing colloidal silver, hyaluronic acid and Euphrasia officinalis (Bacteira Cause Red eye stain)

• To soothe irritated and dry eyes.
Where to use?
Conjunctivitis, keratitis, red eyes, dry eyes. Bacterial disease of the eye
(staphylococcus infection)

How to apply?
Depending on the type of disease 2-3 times a day one drop in the eye. After the
disappearance of the disease or for prophylaxis 1 x daily apply a drop into each eye
Clean excess eye drops and eye secretions on the skin with MICROMED Eye cleaning pad

Ingredients: colloidal silver, hyaluronic acid and Euphrasia officinalis
No chemical additives✔

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