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COLLOIDAL SILVER 40 ppm, 100ml with Spray by MICROMED

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Colloidal Silver water 40ppm, 100ml bottle.

Colloidal Silver Water 40 ppm by MICROMED UK

Distilled water, high purity fine silver (99,999% pure)

As washing for external use. For internal use to support the immune system.Argentum colloidale 40ppm
penetrates on external application the upper layers of the skin when administered orally it passes mainly
through into the gastrointestinal tract.

Shortens the healing of wounds by up to 50%. Has a positiv effect on the immune system.
Store in cool and dark place, BUT NOT in the fridge, do not store close to electric and magnetic fields, do not put in metal bowl, do not measure in metal spoon.

Not a medicinical product. Keep away from children

Further information:
Possible applications for all pets: Bite, Scratch-Rush-, cut- and burn- injuries, chronic wounds, abscesses, ulcers, granuloma, encapsulated collections of pus as a result of a bacterial or viral infection, even fungal infections. 
Symptoms: swellings that are sensitive to pressure, fever, chills, fungal skin infection.

Skin diseases:

Various fungi and bacteria, allergies, skin dieseases transmitted through infected surrounding and
supplies or very close contact to sick animals, allergenes.
itching, hair loss. Silverwater for ear infections/ auditory canal infections due to bacteria: Staphylococcus,
streptococci, proteus mirabilis, malassezia pachidermatis (yeast fungus), ear injuries.
head tilted to one side, shake his head, purulent discharge, unpleasant odour from the ear.
Eye infection:
Conjunctivitis, tear duct infection: Various pathogens, draught, injuries, foreign objects.
watery red eyes, purulent discharge.

The silverwater can also be used with the Micromed finger-toothbrush in case of gum inflammation.

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