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Capturine Black Repair Shampoo - 250ml - Dog Shampoo for Black Coat Dog

Our Price: £10.95
Refreshes the natural BLACK colour. Enhances the natural colour tone and gives the coat a beautiful gloss. Please note this darkens the coat, so it is "NOT" for mixed colour dog - only Black.

Active Ingredients:
Natural Colorants, Apricot Extracts           

Dilute 1 part of shampoo with 4 parts water.
For optimal colour results apply Colour shampoo undiluted on a dry coat.
For wired-haired coats: 50% Colour shampoo and 50% Stripping / Scissors Cut shampoo; this will maintain the coat’s natural structure.
Wet the coat with lukewarm water. Apply the shampoo. Lather well and let it work for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
If necessary, apply Conditioner.

<Before the First Black Shampoo>

<After 2 months using Black Shampoo for every 10 days approx>
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