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Capturine Anti Red Shampoo 250ml : Water/Saliva Stain

Our Price: £13.95

Natural Shampoo - Anti Red/Yellow Stain is Specially formulated for lightening Red/Yellow Stain from White/Black Coat. It works on Water Caused Stain such as Mouth Stain, Eye Stain (Has to be "Non Bacteria Stain" - Bacteria stain does not work with other than using anti biotic)  and some Urine Stain.

It is made with Natural Products, Protein and Natural colourant, not with strong chemicals. Therefore You have to leave the shampoo on the coat 5 minutes, so that nature can work on it. 

Not 100% guranteed but Many Clients confirmed worked very well. Some stain can be different from another, also coat type.

Natural Shampoo - A

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