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Black Texture Volume Shampoo - 5,000ml (20 Litre diluted) Spanish Water Dog, Poodle, Newfoundland, Lagotto Romagnolo, German Spitz

Our Price: £59.95
Sorry, this item is out of stock - will be in shortly - please give us a call if you need them urgently on 07715749450. You can also purchase from www.bigdogworld.co.uk
For Black Newfoundland, Black German Spitz, Black Curly Coated Retriever, Black Spanish Water Dog, Black Cockerpoo which has black texture coat.
If you have SOLID BLACK dog and if you would like to improve the black colour, you can try this MD10 Black Texture Volume. It does not alter the other colour, however if your dog has more white than black, please choose 
MD10 White Texture Volume Shampoo for better results for the great contrast of the colour.

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