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250ml - Shampoo for Hyper Sensitive Skin

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Very gentle shampoo with essential oils of Marigold recommended for dogs with hypersensitive skin, or bothered by itching and irritation. This shampoo helps to stop the itching. Redness and irritations could be reduced without affecting the coat.

Thanks to the antibacterial effect, for some cases, scratching may be reduced. Frequent use of this shampoo may help to reduce itching and fungal infections. For severe cases, try “Itchy & Irritated Skin Shampoo” which has Tea Tree Oil instead. 

I recommend to do 48 hours patch test on any dog who has sensitive irritated skin prior to use ANY PRODUCTS.

Active Ingredients: 
Essential Oils from the Calendula (Pot Marigold)

Directions :
Use Undiluted for the best results.
Wet the coat with lukewarm water. Apply the shampoo undiluted.
Lather well and let it work for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
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